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Hi! I’m Professor Glyn Holton. For many years, I have tutored math to students in middle school through college. Some of my students are adults studying math independently. I also teach calculus at Wentworth Institute. My research field is the mathematics of risk, but that’s another story. Please take a moment and browse. This is about more than homework help or passing tests. It’s about empowering students and transforming lives. That’s what I do.

What Students Say

Algebra was my worst subject, but Professor Holton turned it around. He really knows his stuff and cares if you are having issues. He does different things to inspire learning. His metaphors are great.
Amy C.

Bellevue, WA

Professor Holton is the man. He knows his material and is here to help students.
Sean E.

Stamford, CT

I got a 59 on my first precalculus test. Then I started working with Professor Holton twice a week. My second test was an 87, and my third was a 100.
Camila L.

Santa Barbara, CA

He is awesome because he knows exactly what he is teaching, and he is exactly what I expect from a math tutor.
Dion C.

Columbus, OH

Professor Holton is a great tutor and is able to communicate concepts and material clearly and interestingly. There is never a slow session, and I feel extremely confident in my ability to use calculus in the future.
Jessica H.

Suffolk, VA

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Prof. Holton provides inexpensive, quality math instruction, which can take two forms:

Tutoring – Homework Help
For students enrolled in school who need help with homework, test prep, and understanding concepts. Cost: $80 for a 50-minute session.

Tutoring – Primary Instruction
For home-schooled students, anyone self-studying math, or students who want to go beyond what they are learning in school. Services include customized instruction, personal homework, optional assessments, and grading. Cost: $105 for a 50-minute session.

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