Advance Scheduling

An option to reserve your preferred tutoring times for the whole semester:

  • Convenient – Schedule once for the entire semester.
  • Flexible – Add, cancel or reschedule sessions any time up to six hours before a session.
  • No extra cost – You pay the usual cost for sessions and nothing more.
  • Optional – You can stick with the original website-based scheduling system, switch to Advance Scheduling, or use them both.


In addition to convenience, Advance Scheduling offers two significant advantages:

  1. Advance Scheduling avoids the situation of students waiting too long to schedule tutoring, by which point they may have fallen hopelessly behind. Effective tutoring is consistent, ongoing instruction that ensures students learn material as it is presented in class. That is what Advance Scheduling provides.
  2. For students with busy schedules, Advance Scheduling avoids the ongoing problem of scheduling conflicts. Tutoring sessions are reserved in advance to fit the student’s schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule sessions?

Email me the days of the week and times you would like. Indicate any dates, such as holidays, you want to skip or perhaps have on another day. Also indicate a start and end date. Don’t worry if you make a mistake or later change your mind about specific dates. You can always cancel or reschedule dates later on. If any of your dates are unavailable, I will let you know. We can discuss alternatives.

How do I pay?

With Advance Scheduling, you reserve sessions for the entire semester, but you only pay for sessions two weeks at a time. Here is how it works. Every other Wednesday is a “Scheduling Wednesday.” On Scheduling Wednesdays, your credit card is charged for the two weeks of sessions starting that Sunday. As with the website-based scheduling system, you will receive a confirmation email with buttons to add those dates to your calendar or to cancel/reschedule any of those dates.

To get the payment process started, on the day you first set up Advance Scheduling, your credit card will be charged for upcoming sessions through the Saturday immediately following the next Scheduling Wednesday. You will receive a confirmation email for those sessions as well.

How can I cancel or reschedule sessions?

If sessions have not yet been paid for, just email me with the changes you would like to make. After sessions have been paid for, you can use the cancel/reschedule button at the bottom of the confirmation email for those sessions. As with the website-based scheduling system, you can cancel or reschedule sessions up to six hours prior to those sessions.

Can I schedule extra sessions?

Yes! To add extra sessions up to two weeks out, you can use the website-based scheduling system. Otherwise, email me with the extra sessions you would like to add.

How do I get started?

Existing clients can email me to get the process started.